The Center for the Digital Globe sponsored a social networking symposium on March 12, 2008, from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. at Wrench Auditorium (S102 Memorial Union). Rebecca Phillips, Vice President of Social Networking at Beliefnet, discussed social networking web sites, including FaceBook and My Space. Beliefnet is an award winning religion and spirituality web site recently acquired by News Corp and launched in October, 2007. It is the largest single religion web site, with over three million regular users. Professor Paul Martin Lester, Department of Communications at California State University-Fullerton, joined the symposium through video conference to discuss his experiences with teaching a class on the Second Life online community. Professor Chi-Ren Shyu, MU Department of Computer Science, School of Engineering, discussed science collaboration across disciplines. He regularly teaches courses about the internet. Professor Patricia Fry, MU School of Law, discussed legal issues. Professor Fry has served on many state and national committees and conferences on electronic commerce. She has published widely in the field of commercial law and electronic commerce and has taught courses on sales and leases, modern payment systems, secured transactions and electronic commerce. Professor Wayne Wanta, MU School of Journalism and Director of The Center for the Digital Globe, served as moderator for the symposium. He teaches the Center’s J8052 capstone course on the impact of technological change and globalization. In 2007, he served as President of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC), the largest journalism education association in the world.


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