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The primary goals of the Center for the Digital Globe (CDiG) include interdisciplinary research, teaching and service to Missouri businesses. We also collaborate on research, teaching and service at the national and international levels. Our initial priority was the creation and implementation of a certificate program at the master’s and professional levels on digitization and globalization of technology. We now offer a 12 semester hour certificate program for both professional degree seeking students and graduate degree seeking students. Our required introductory and capstone courses for graduate certificate students, Management 8100 Exploring the Digital Globe (3 Semester Hrs) (offered fall semesters) and Journalism 8052 Case Studies in the Digital Globe (3 Semester Hrs) (offered fall and winter semesters), give students a great opportunity to get to know professors and students outside of their departments and to share common interests, networks and connections. Students also work closely with their advisor to select the additional courses needed to complete their certificate program. In addition to our graduate level certificate program, we are offering a new undergraduate level 15 credit-hour project-oriented interdisciplinary certificate program in digital global studies, the MU Global Connect Undergraduate Certificate Program.
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scale~1600x1600xcanscaleup~chapter5t-1427745182-68 “The Most Powerful Weapon” Chapter 5 - Two Weeks In 1986, the University of Missouri President Peter Magrath called Rector Richard Van der Ross to ask if he could send a team of American professors and administrators to come and investigate a possible faculty exchange program. Van der Ross was a little unsure but did not see Read More

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